1720 Tames Rd
Courtenay, BC V9J 1Y2

Our History

Most career choices can be traced back to something that inspired them in their childhood or youth. Our love and inspiration came from watching (and working with) our dad as he fixed up our childhood home. His ideas and designs were always well thought out and executed (quite impressive for a lawyer with zero formal experience)! These times were cherished and inspiring at a very young age.

Resourceful Renovations isn’t a company with multi generational history. This company was developed due to a passion for building (from building homes to building relationships).

Many companies will tell you they have over 50 years experience, well…that’s often a misleading statement. More often than not that is a combined number of years experience of all their employees. What says you’re getting someone with that kind of experience? Maybe you’re getting a very good organizer but do they have enough construction background?

What makes us successful is that we are builders. We have been “in the trenches” learning and honing our craft. When we say we have over 20 years experience, you can be assured that that experience has been obtained by 100% hands on learning and almost entirely in the residential construction field.

The wonderful thing about construction is that it is always different. No two projects are ever the same. You never stop learning and there is always room for improvement.

Jorme Barnsley (the primary at Resourceful Renovations) has over 20 years alone in the residential construction field. His primary focus has been on renovations and high end custom building. He is a skilled carpenter/builder and has spent numerous years as a job site foreman and as a construction/project manager. He as he has worked side by side with a few exceptional builders throughout all these years. Working with these builders has helped greatly develop the business that Resourceful Renovations is today.

In addition to the years spent honing our physical skills and craft (as builders), we have heavily invested into finessing our people skills and management techniques.

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